Friday, April 10, 2009

My pretty agapanthus

Yes, it's my pretty agapanthus row again! The plants have come into full bloom and it's hard not to share!

I have two colors: blue and white. I'm dreaming of expanding my garden with these plants. They're such forgiving of neglect and yet bloom so vigorously when the time come. Imagine the whole lot of Tuysonvien would be covered with blue and white blooms in late Spring. What a spectacular sight!

Agapanthus can be propagated by dividing and sowing seeds. I have a few "volunteers" in my front yard.

They can make not only a good show in the garden but as cut flower in the home, as well. In the past, Dalat people didn't care much about the plant; they planted it along property fence or walk ways. Nowadays, they have cultivated it for cut flowers. Each bloom stalk is sold for 3000 dong (about US$0.20) at the market. Visitors from outside Dalat often buy the blooms only to find they won't last more than a day elsewhere! But who could resist such pretty-looking blooms?!


Kris said...

Hmmm, I must find some seeds and plant some agapanthus for my garden. Do you suppose it is hardy and will take freezing winters?

Hà Xuân said...

Hi Kris, that beat me! Since we don't have freezing winter where I am, I don't really know. But it won't hurt to try.
Hope you will have some nice agapanthus.
Thanks for your comment.