Sunday, April 26, 2009

My tillandsias mounted on driftwood

I've always liked to mount my tillandsias onto a piece of driftwood but the tilly pro from whom I bought them warned of the wood getting rotted. So for the past several months I hung them outside, using stainless steel 'coffee-stirrers' as hangers!Then I checked with people on the Bromeliad forum on GW and been advised that "we won't live that long to see driftwood rot"! That gave me courage to go ahead with my plan.
Yesterday, I managed to attach all my 10 tillies onto the driftwood which my husband had made into a "stand" (it looked more like a 'gun' to me!).Now the tilly-stand is being hung on the frangipani tree to get all the rain and sun the plants would need to grow enough roots to attache themselves to the wood.They have grown quite a bit since coming into my possession, proving that they like the growing conditions I give them. It would certainly be a waste if these wonderful little plants are left outside, all by themselves, all the time.
Now, with them mounted on the driftwood, I will be able to bring them inside every once in a while to enjoy their beauty and then return them to their "nursery" outside.

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