Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working the garden beds

I need a pat on the back!
For the past two days, I have been weeding, grooming, and fertilizing the flower beds in the front yard.

My neighbor gave me this load of compost to add to the vegetable patches in the back yard (which she started for me last summer), but I "sneaked off" and used a large portion of it on my flowers in the front yard!

Then I did a big thing today - turning-up the soil in the peach-tree bed (boy, look at that garden folk - it was heavy by itself not to say with soil at the end!).

Now the bed was ready to be worked in with sand and compost. Hubby has bought me a truck-load of sand but I have some reservations with this "sand" because it's not river sand; it's a by-product of the quarry - it looked more like pea gravels! So I don't know whether it will do any harm to the soil. I think I will try on a small patch first.

After that, I would go to the roadside nearby and get some dirt there to top dress the rest of this peach-tree bed. I've noticed some nice-looking dirt along the road when walking Biam the other day.
Then when it's done with the front yard, I will start work in the patio bed and the vegetable beds in the back yard. Oh, it's a lot of work for me this week. All that will probably take me up to the end of the week when I will be back to Dangiatrang!
Update on the daylily seeds: It looks like I don't have much luck with the daylily seeds! Although some of the seeds have "cracked" their skin, I don't see any "sprout" yet!

Update photo of the peach-tree bed, this morning 2/19.

It sure looks very much different!


Kris said...

Oh, just look at all the work you've been able to do outside! Your efforts will pay off in spades, I'm sure. And just look at all the healthy exercise you've gotten and not have to pay for a health club membership! Gardening - does a body good! :-)

Hà Xuân said...

You said it, Kris! Exercise... My body ached so when I did the stretching this morning!
But I'm so glad the job was done! Yay... gardening does good!
Thanks, Kris.