Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dreaming my life away!

I have nothing new in the garden to talk about so I just spent time looking at other people's blogs to get ideas for my own. And the more I looked, the more I felt that I haven't achieved anything in my so-called gardens!

I haven't got a theme, I haven't got any good-looking plant combinations, I haven't even got a decent single plant/flower that was worth praising! What have I done all these time in my gardens???

For one thing, the "tropical" garden we have at Dangiatrang is to big for me to manage at this day and age. We have numerous palm trees and big shade trees, a big patch of lawn in the front yard. In the back yard, we have a tiled patio where I have several containers. But poor me, the containers are all too big for me to work with now (we no longer have helping hands around!) so that we all cry for re-potting! Then on the side yard, we have a shade house where I keep my orchids and hoyas and some other plants that must be shielded from sun. And ... I could never find it pleasant enough to work in any of these "gardens": it's either too hot, too much mosquitoes, or simply... I didn't know where to start from now that I have ignored these "gardens" for as long as 3 years!

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