Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Biam = A Tibetan Spaniel

It has never been an issue to us as to what breed our dogs belong to although we have a number of dogs including German shepherd, Phú Quốc (A special Vietnamese breed), "common dogs" as well as toy dogs. And we love them all equally no matter if one is "a royal" and the other "a tramp"!
But it's so lucky that we seem to get an ID for Biam when a member from the Amaryllis forum identified him as "Tibetan Spaniel"! Whoa... we don't know what Vietnamese people refer to Tibetan Spaniels as but we are calling him Cu Tí and his health booklet bears the name of Biam!
According to the online dictionay Wikipedia, Tibetan spaniel is assertive, small, intelligent a small dog, happy, active, very intelligent and alert to strangers, brown eyes and black nose, a soft coat and feathery tail curling on the back... That sounds like a very good looking dog!
This is a photo of our Biam. Doesn't he look adorable?

Actually, Biam is very active. He likes to play all the time and "fetching" is his favorite game. He would play that game all day without getting tired! But we do, playing with him!
Check the link to his video here.

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J.C. said...

That's a cute dog. Pls give Biam a big hug and scratch.