Friday, February 6, 2009

My succulents

I love succulents and keep a few of them in my plant collection, from sedum to echeveria to jade. I think these plants are lovely, not to mention that they don't require much TLC to grow well. I planted them in dish as well as individual pots, hanging baskets, and in ground, too.

This is my very first succulent dish. I was quite reluctant at first to plant succulents in a dish since many folks on GW forum warned that they might rot due to different water needs. So I tried to select plants with similar needs to put together. So far my plants stay very healthy and have bloomed a couple of times already too. That has given me some courage and I might try some more dish later.

This is my "jelly-bean" sedum. This plant was kept first in my shade house then brought inside to take up a place on my mantle piece. At that time it looked quite green. Then some folks on GW advised placing it outside in the sun so that it wouldn't grow lankily. I did... and then the plant turned a darker color but the "lankyness" still exists. Here's how looked a week after being outside.

Then this succulent, whose bloom looks like a 'medal' and smells like fish! A good nursery lady gave it to me for free! I didn't know its name until a member on GCS forum identified it as Stapelia variegata.

Another NOID sedum.
And lastly are my hanging basket Xmas cacti and Donkey tail.

Anyway, I really like succulents and I'm planning to make a special bed for them in my garden.

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