Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schlumbergera season

Each year, my schlumbergera plants come into bloom twice, at least. The first one around this time and the second one comes in end of November.
Each bloom has its own display which I compare to a swan taking off, touching down, or flying high in the sky.
This one has a peachy orange color.

This one has dark pink.

This one is pure white.

And this one is a lighter shade of pink.

They all look so pretty, don't they.
Schlumbergera are succulent so they like cool and dry climate. I've heard that people in the tropical zone can "force" these plants to bloom by placing them in the fridge to trick the plants to believe they are in the temperate zone so that they will bloom when brought out. [I haven't tried, so cannot justify.]


Stephanie said...

I love these flowers! So nice to see them in close-up shots. Good shot of the white one. The flower looks like flying ;-)

lynn'sgarden said...

What a nice collection of Christmas Cactus you have, Ha Xuan! Yes, I agree with Steph...beautiful close ups! Hope you are doing great...have missed visiting you! ;)

One said...

Such lovely flowers. I haven't seen them before. Haven't even heard of them. Thanks for sharing.

Hà Xuân said...

Thank you, friends, for visiting my blog and left nice words.
Lynn: I've missed you, too. Hope you had a wonderful summer.