Friday, August 6, 2010

My new container planting - The Amazon

Funny me... I always feel an urge to create mini-landscapes, be it with succulents or something else.
Yesterday I finished a new container planting, calling it "The Amazon" because it has mostly shade plants and ferns.
I used a bonsai pot, a piece of driftwood (for structure), few small rocks and a varieties of greens.

The finish product looked quite pleasing to my eyes.

I hope the planting will grow quickly.


Stephanie said...

Variegated ivy has died in my garden before. I almost have forgotten about this lovely plant. Now you have shown me how wonderful they can be in a dish garden like this :-D

In the nursery they sell these ivies in hanging basket... all grown so full/filled up the basket. But I remember the plant grows really slow in my garden. Does the plant grow really slow for you also? And does the plant like direct sunlight?

Now I have one little all green ivy growing in the shade. Seems to be doing fine... I hope he he... ;-)

Hà Xuân said...

Yes and no, Steph. Where the soil is poor, the ivy grows slowly but if I fertilize it, it jumps!
If you grow this ivy in the sun, they tend to produce smaller leaves, otherwise, they have bigger leaves in the shade.
I have another type of variegated ivy with curly edge. Quite pretty.
I believe ivies like cooler climates though.

Kris said...

Your miniature landscape is sooo inviting I wish I were only 6" tall so I could enjoy spending a day of cool moist shade under the leaves. It would be so pleasant to curl up next to that rock and read a little book. :-D

It's so hot here with no respite in the forecast.

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks for visiting and nice comments, Kris.
I've been lurking over your blog and been wondering how you could manage to do so many great projects! Wish I could have half your skills.
The weather has been funny lately here, too. We haven't got much rain for the last couple of weeks.

Kris said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Ha Xuan. I knew when I bought the house that it and the grounds were 'fixer-uppers'. The more fixed-up they get, the more worn-down I be. LOL Still, I enjoy shaping it into something useful, even beautiful.

Your gardens are inspiring. :-D

Autumn Belle said...

This miniature landscape is a good idea. It is something different from the usual bonsai that we see. I wonder how this mini garden will look after the plants has grown a lot. For a start, the portulaca blooms will brighten it up.

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Autumn Belle. I believe portulaca is nice but it will require full sun. Also, it's somewhat succulent so I'm afraid it won't go along with all these evergreen and shade-loving plants I've got.