Monday, August 16, 2010

My begonias

I have a few begonias in my garden, they are leaf-, tuberous- and cane-begonias.
I don't know much about how to care for these plants but thanks to the suitable growing conditions, they grow well and now bloom for me.
This is a local variety of cane begonia. This plant can grow very tall in my region.

This is a rex begonia. It's the second one I bought. The first one rotted on me maybe because I fussed too much with it. This time, I let it be and it is growing beautifully.

I bought this one in one of my trip down the Mekong delta. It looked pitiful then. I thought it would be picky but to my surprise, it just grows by itself, ie. I didn't do much to it except re-potting it to my mix when I first bought.

And this cane begonia is grown from a small cutting given me by a friend from the GCS (Greenculturesingapore) forum.

I'm on the look out for more varieties, but as always, it's not easy here.


Stephanie said...

I am always afraid of the tuberous type. I have killed two of them a long time ago and still have no courage to grow another.

The flowers of your local cane begonia in the first pic look quite big and attractive in a cluster. I hope they last long for you and all your begonias will grow well in your garden :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Steph.
Sorry to hear your sad experience with tuberous begonia. Won't you like to try again?
Last May, I visited Singapore and "managed" to get a begonia tuber to a friend there. He has made it grow very big. See it in the link here
I believe Singapore has the same climate as KL. Yes? No?

Autumn Belle said...

Begonias have such delicate pretty flowers. I love their hairy leaves too.

Stephanie said...

Ha ha... the size of the plant is incredible. Yes we have the same climate as Singapore. Well, no harm trying another one again ;-) Thanks for your encouragement!