Thursday, August 5, 2010

My succulent bed - a year later

I started this succulent bed May last year. You can check back here for details.
More than a year has passed and the bed is still looking great, if not greater.

Most of the plants in the bed have multiplied and bloomed. I'm so pleased.

The lesson for me is not only having the right plants for the climate, but also the right planting medium as well.


Stephanie said...

How wonderful! I just love how the succulents are growing happily. Better than just having them in pots. Now they can grow freely! I am sure they are going to look better and better... year after year :-D

J.C. said...

Beautiful succulent bed you have there. It's a refreshing idea to place all the succulents together in a section. This way one can really see the beauty of different succulent plants at one glance.