Sunday, January 31, 2010

A year in blooms

We Vietnamese plant by the Lunar year, so now it is about the end of our planting year. This entry is a review of what has been blooming the year round in my "cool" garden.
January - Cymbidium

February - A stranger without name

March - A new cultivar of epiphyllum

April - Blue agapanthus

May - Dahlia

June - Hoya kerrii green

July - Perostegia venusta

August - Holiday cactus

September - Daylily hyperon

October - Peach blossom

November - Rose

December - Cherry blossom


Stephanie said...

That stranger looks like a blue walking iris ;-) You have such a wonderful collection of sweet flowers! I especially like the Cymbidium. The flower look so soft.

Hà Xuân said...

Thank you, Steph. Actually someone had helped me with an ID for that plant before but... I forgot :-).
I have a few cymbidiums and I like this one a lot, too. Too bad, it doesn't bloom this year because I changed the medium last summer. Maybe the next CNY I will have some spikes on it.

James Missier said...

Oh my God!!!
I cannot believe it!

They all are so beautiful!!