Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A big surprise!

When I cleaned my back yard last September, I threw a bunch of waterlily shoots into our pond in the front garden. Formerly I did try to grow waterlilies there but the fish got them all. After several floods in our garden, the fish got away I guess, so this time the waterlilies survived.
This morning, after a month away up in Tuysonvien, I was so happy seeing these blooms greeting me.

There's a surprise, however, as the shoots I threw into the pond were from the lavender waterlily but the blooms I have now are white! What happened? Could the soil in the pond has some kind of chemicals that changed the color of the lily?
Anyway, white is so much more unusual so I'm not complaining. Also, both the blooms and the plant in the pond are much bigger and more healthy looking than those planted in the containers in the back yard.

Many friends have said gardening can bring many pleasant surprises, how true!