Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jungle NOID hoya blooms

One of my NOID hoyas from the jungle has given off a bloom cluster after a long wait.

The blooms look rather like those of Pachyclada but it has a "pinkish" hue instead of "yellowish" like that on Pachyclada.

It is the first ever hoya to bloom in my Saigon garden. Too bad that it has no scent though.
This is its leaf.

I hope some kind visitors will give me an ID for this plant.


Stephanie said...

Sorry I do not know the ID. The white flower is unique though. Also, the leaf is interesting - its veins are so visible. I hope someone could identify this hoya for you soon :-)

lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful, Ha Xuan! I've had pc issues on my end and have not been able to leave comments on your last few posts! :( Too bad these blooms are unscented...they are cool!