Friday, February 5, 2010

Miltonia orchids

Though I don't particularly like miltonias, I was inclined to buy myself two plants as I couldn't resist the seller's inducement to purchase! I sure have a soft heart for plants, I guess.
This plant was bought before CNY last year. I was lured by its sweet scent.

This season it rebloomed; however, the scent disappeared. I really don't know why.

Then I got the second plant some time after the CNY, on a discount. This plant was rather "showy" in its pattern but, again, I got lured by its price. It is now reblooming.

Recently I was given two more miltonias by a friend. She complained that she couldn't grow them as well as I could. When I repotted them two days ago, I understood why the plants didn't grow well at the friend's: they seemed not to like the medium they were in.
So I changed their medium to pine bark, which I have been using for the other two miltonias. Now they are in convalescence on the windowsill.

I hope they will bloom for me next CNY.


Stephanie said...

I always wonder if the next rebloom releases similar frangrance. Now I know yours didn't. My sis-in-law, she loves to collect orchids. She has some of those scented orchids. I will ask if her reblooms have the scent. Btw, the flowers look like viola. They are pretty :-)

lynn'sgarden said...

yes, i call these 'pansie orchids'...what beautiful color combinations! I'm sure I'll come home with new orchids when I visit the Philly Flower Shop in a few weeks :)

Hà Xuân said...

What a wonder to be able to visit flower shops, Lynn. I bet you'll bring home quite a few.
Yes, please ask your SIL about this phenomenon. It really bothers me that the re-blooms don't carry the scent.