Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild nepenthes in Dalat

Before the New Year we had some friends from Singapore coming over for a visit with us in Dalat. We all like nature so we spent our time together wandering in the surrounding wild lands in Dalat.
On one of the occasions, we discovered some nepenthes in their habitat. What a pleasant surprise it was seeing these interesting plants in nature. I got so excited I forgot to photograph them but luckily my friend remembered. This is the photo of one of the neps we found.

Then I talked to another friend about our experience, she got very excited too. She immediately went up to Dalat and went looking for neps. And guess what, she discovered a population of neps and droseras growing in a wet land. Wow... how I regretted that I hadn't come along with her. This is what she found.

I'm glad I have discovered how these neps grow in their natural habitats. Now I can take better care of my pet plants at home by providing them with similar growing environment.


Stephanie said...

Wow! Nepenthes in the wild?!... and so beautiful too... I am sure your friends had really enjoyed their visit very, very much. The one in the first photo looks unique. And, those droseras look cute as well ;-)

Hà Xuân said...

Yes, Steph, neps in the wild in front of my very eyes! I got very very excited seing them.

Stephanie said...

Really?! I wish I could see one myself :-) I always like to see plants that are growing in their natural environment.