Sunday, December 20, 2009

Under the overcast sky

This morning the sun doesn't want to get up and the wind stops blowing, it's cold!
After several days having morning and afternoon showers, the plants in Tuysonvien all look greener and more beautiful under the overcast sky.
Beyond the Peach tree bed, the hills on the other side seem to be more "romantic".

My daylilies are all tidy showing their green alongside the cosmos that I planted at the beginning of December.

The wild rose on the arbor has grown quite fast and now there are several clusters of bud and bloom. I hope when the rainy season comes, it will grow even faster and the whole arbor will be covered with blooms.

On this side of the yard the balsams that I planted three weeks ago are looking prettier thanks to the background of the "lizard" ivy-covered retaining wall.

On the back deck, the neos are enjoying the fresh air after being moved out of the shade house.

And lastly, the plants, in the new planter that I've put together two days ago to celebrate New Year, are gaining their life back.

Lovely day, lovely plants!


Stephanie said...

It's been nice to visit your blog! Your garden is indeed lovely. Those neos are really something to be proud of. They look really wonderful together. And with your new plants for the new year, I am sure you and your family would enjoy the year end holidays even more!

lynn'sgarden said...

Ha Xuan, it's springtime there! Your arbor of roses will be stunning! Sometimes I enjoy a sunless day, it changes the mood and look of the garden.
Beautiful views!

Hà Xuân said...

Thank you, Steph and Lynn. I really appreciate your regular visits to my blog.

moosh said...

What a lovely garden. I would like to sit and enjoy a cup of tea there, on this cold snowy day in Montana.

Hà Xuân said...

moosh: Thanks so much for visiting me at TSV. Montana? Oh, how I wish I could be there for once at least, I love all wild sceneries there. Say the word "Montana" and already I can see cliffs, brooks, and meadows! I will try to find your blog.