Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colors of the garden

The dry season has definitely arrived. Farmers around Tuysonvien have changed from vegetable to flower planting. The fields on the other side of the hill waiting to be tilled for new crops look quite bare.

On this side, plants in my garden are not looking good although I have been watering them twice a day these days. Nevertheless, there're still some blooms around to cheer me up.

Really, I don't like the dry season!


lynn'sgarden said...

That view of the fields...WOW! And in the second photo, I think I recognize tiny buds from a jasmine (or citrus) plant, the purple blooms (mums?) are growing in between it right?
Lovely begonia, too! Your garden always delights me, Ha Xuan :)

Stephanie said...

Nice pretty blooms :-D The fuchsia, rose and begonia colours are so sweet and matching. Oh, regarding the weather, I am afraid there will be more occurence of either storm or draught in the near future due to global warming...