Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on my "Amazon"

Well my "dense forest planting" called Amazon has grown so lush thanks to the frequent rains we had up here.
But, despite a dense forest, this looks too much disorder and I felt it needed thinning.

So I went ahead removing those over-grown violet plants to give room for the several ferns to grow.

Now it will need a dose of fertilizer to fill in again. Funny how I want it to be neat and to be exuberant at the same time!


Stephanie said...

What a pretty little garden! Love how you mix and match the green foliage plants. That brown one is beautiful. Acalypha? Very nice addition for your Amazon ;-)

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Steph. I don't really know the name of that "brown" plant. Maybe your hint is correct.
Oh, by the way, I have found one more choc sunflower seedling :-)
Actually, two seeds sprouted but one of them looked rather ill at the time, so I didn't count it. Nevertheless, I tried to nurse it and now it's about 30cm tall already.
Hope to be able to have some viable seeds from them.