Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cymbidium season

My cymbidiums start spiking around August and producing their blooms around end of October.
This year, perhaps due to Global warming effects, they bloom somewhat earlier so that by now, mid-November, all the 4 spikes on my Golden Elf are fully open.

I also have a NOID in full bloom, too.

I have brought them inside to enjoy their fragrance and color. They fill the air in my living room sweetly.


LC said...

Your cymbidiums are gorgeous... I used to have several but had very poor luck getting them to rebloom so I gave them all away... Larry

fer said...

Very beautiful! I wish I had one too

Hà Xuân said...

Wow, Larry. Next time if you want to discard your cyms, throw them to my yard :-)
I think I have suitable climate to make them rebloom, year after year.

Fer: Thanks for your compliments.

Kris said...

Pretty pretty pretty! What a lush color. Hope they bloom a long time for you, Ha Xuan! :-D