Monday, November 1, 2010

Hoya nummularoides and NOID Blc. orchid

I planted this hoya as several short cuttings in 2008 and these are the first blooms after more than two year.
I'm even happier that the corona of the bloom is yellowish, not red as the plant I have up in Dalat. So actually I have two different clones of Hoya nummularoides.

And here's big surprise from JJ Market, Bangkok. When I bought this orchid, it was in buds so I didn't know what color the blooms would be. Now, they look like this and luckily, they are not the same with any other orchid I've had.

So much the better.

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Stephanie said...

Your hoya looks really happy with your garden and the space the plant has :-D Nice white blooms!

The orchid flowers look huge! I am sure it is a happy experience to be surprised by marvelous flowers like these.

Enjoy ;-D