Friday, November 26, 2010

My coffee corner in Tuysonvien

The first thing I do in the morning is to have my cup of coffee outdoors, at the coffee corner.
This is my coffee corner in Tuysonvien. We have two chairs here, one for me and the other for my dog when my husband is not here (and he's mostly not here anyway).

We sit here, me with my coffee and my dog with his biscuits, enjoying ourselves. The air is always cool and crispy and the view beyond looks so calm. Sometimes it's foggy but sometimes it's clear enough to see the hills and vegetable patches on the other side.

Life is really good.
Photos of the coffee corner in my Saigon garden.


rohrerbot said...

It looks like a really nice space to relax. Ah to be cold wrapped in misty fog...sounds beautiful:)

LC said...

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law just returned from an extensive trip through VietNam... this was their third trip there and they love it! They brought me photos of Jade Vine which I will post in the next few days... what an unbelievable plant!
As I go through your earlier posts, I located a photo of your specimen of this plant ... you have so many interesting and beautiful flowering plants, orchids, etc. Are you able to find those all in VietNam, or do you have to order from other places/countries? Larry

Kris said...

Oh how absolutely lovely, Ha Xuan!!

I love the white rockers and the checkerboard patio pavers. I'll bet they are nice and cool in the mornings. What an amazing - and lucky - view. No other houses or construction to block that vast countryside landscape. I'm feeling a bit envious! LOL

Oh, how I wish I could sit and sip with you some morning. Thanks for posting these pics. Now I can imagine you in that charming corner with your coffee and your little garden buddy andease into your day. :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Kris, you must have known I made this entry so that you can see where I usually sit in the morning, or whenever I don't have anything else to do around, to enjoy my garden. You're cordially invited to visit Vietnam and our homes, Kris.

Larry: I bought all my plants locally since it's very difficult to buy from overseas (unless you hand-carry the plants back.)
Did you see the recent blooms on my Jade Vine?