Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on my daylily seedlings

I received six packets of daylily seed from a friend in Canada, Annette. I sow them, following the method called "Daylily on the Rock" and all six varieties germinated for me. It was such joy.
Because of my special situation, I couldn't plant the seedlings out in the garden for fear they might get killed by predators and the elements, I prolonged their stay in the shade house for as long as a year and a half after their germination!

Just last July, I planted them into a "nursery" bed and boy, did they take off. They grow very fast so that their fans are quite "handsome" looking now.

Since the day of their sowing, these seedlings are almost two years old. I hope to see their maiden blooms next summer.
Many thanks to Annette for these lovely plants.


Stephanie said...

Ha Xuan, your daylilies are looking fantastic! You amazes me again... planting them from seeds! I have some little freesias growing in my garden now(yes, they were grown from seeds also)... they seems to be taking forever to grow up. I hope I don't kill them before they send out bigger leaves ;-) Btw, I love how you systematically sow seeds in small pots.

Hà Xuân said...

Steph, I didnot sow the seeds in those pots. I first sow the seeds in glasses of small rocks + water (Daylily on the Rocks method) and when the seeds germinated long enough, I potted them up in those pots in the photo.
Here's the old post:

Stephanie said...

That's so cool! Thanks for explaining.