Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo updates

Here are the photo updates of two of my plantings which I did a few months back.
The miniature garden, named The Amazon, has come a long way. Many plants in the 'garden' have thrived and bloomed. I'm glad it looks so lush.
I especially like how the "begonia" that I got from my Singapore friend, KY Foong, has grown. If you look at the "Before" photo closely, you could see a tiny spot of green, in the middle of the front edge of the pot. You can compare that with the one you see in the "After" photo. It has grown a lot, hasn't it?

The second planting I wish to update is the Fuchsia. When first planted, the "filler" and "spiller" plants looked pitiful but they do look good now.

I love to see "Before" and "After" photos of plantings. Do you?


rohrerbot said...

Lovely garden!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Ha Xuan, my first strawberry begonia died due to too much light coupled with over-watering. It left tiny plants in the pot though. But I have no patience to wait for the little plant to grow. I bought a second one instead. Hope it will grow well for me in my hot garden ;-) Btw, I am bad at 'spiller filler'. I tend to split them up after a while he he... Yours is beautiful! Love your miniature garden as well.

Hà Xuân said...

Many thanks, Rohrerbot and Stephs.
Steph: I didn't have good Thriller-Filler-Spiller containers in the past until very recently, though. I think we need patience.