Saturday, October 16, 2010

First cymbidium blooms of the season

Cymbidiums in my garden often bloom from around late October but this year I'm having this one bloom much earlier. Perhaps due to global warming?

I have no ID for this plant but since it looks similar to Golden Elf, I just call it that for easy reference. I would appreciate correction from blog visitors.
I grow cymbidiums in pure pine bark chopped to small sizes. I fertilize them once a month either with Osmocote or Dynamic lifter; the latter is an organic fertilizer.
I keep them in the shadehouse throughout the year, but when they bloom I bring them into my living room to enjoy their scent.

They last pretty long in my climate here, around 4 months, so even they bloom this early I still have them for Lunar New Year!


Kris said...

Those pale creamy blooms are my favorite shade of yellow! And how nice that they last that long for you to enjoy. All that and a nice fragrance too? You'll sure get a lot of pleasure having those in the house for a while. :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Yes, Kris. I always looking forward to having blooms from my cymbidiums. They're special during Lunar New Year.