Saturday, October 9, 2010

My trip to Chatuchak market in Bangkok

I made a trip to Bangkok this week in order to see the plant market in person. I arrived at the market quite early when vendors were still unloading and making displays of their products. There were hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of plants.
There were adeniums, tillandsias and bromeliads, water-lilies, hibicus, ferns, hoyas... Thousands of plants, everywhere.

In fact, it could be the biggest plant market I guess.
The weather was very unbearable even for a warm-climate person like me. Nevertheless, I managed to make three rounds of the market!
Finally, these are what I bought for myself.

So few? Yes, because I thought the feast to the eyes was enough for me!


Stephanie said...

OMG you were there? I wish to be there one day but I hope I could be as displined as you. I love what you bought :-D Are those dwarf habit ground orchids?

Hà Xuân said...

Yes, Stephanie, I was there and it was really hard not to buy many since the plants looked so "inviting".
I was able to control myself because I've got a lot of hoya cuttings from friends there already.
The ground orchids I bought are not so "dwart" to my eyes, though.

LC said...

What a marvelous place... I would go insane with all the possibilities! L

Bom / Plant Chaser said...

Is the plant market a regular part of Chatuchak? If it is, I think I know what my Christmas gift to myself will be. My problem is I don't know what I will be getting so I don't know how to work out the permit.

Hà Xuân said...

Bom: yes, the plant market is a part of Chatuchak, it meets every Wednesday and Thursday. Other days are for other things, not plants.
Should you go there, bring along a pocket calculator to "talk about price" with vendors since many of them don't speak a word in English. I was with local friends so it was no problems for me though.

Lary: I know it would be easy to go insane especially when all the plants are so affordable!

Bom said...

I did go. You were right about the market. Definitely a feast for the eyes!c

Nick C said...

A wonderful blog! I'm also going to visit this market in a couple of weeks and like you, I live in Vietnam. Are there any problems bringing small plants back into the country at all?

Hà Xuân said...

Nick: So far I've had no problems bringing small plants into VN.

Hope you'll be lucky.