Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring flowers in my home

I particularly like to decorate my home with potted plants I grow. During Lunar New Year, I have several pots of blooms to enjoy.
In this corner are the hippeastrums and anthuriums. The hippeastrums bloom for me regularly each season, but the anthuriums bloom all the year round.

And in this corner are the phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums. I'm so blessed with the right climate for orchids that these plants also re-bloom for me every year.

Sitting stately on the coffee table is a species dendrobium whose correct ID I don't have.

And last but not least is a pot full of miltonia blooms given me by a younger friend. I've come to notice that the miltonia blooms give off very sweet fragrance especially when they are fully open. Great!

Actually, I have more flowers than visitors in my living room!


Stephanie said...

Hello Ha Xuan! I hope you have had a good new year celebration already. It is always so nice to be able to see so many beautiful blooms from your blog here. Re: phalaenopsis orchids, I learnt that some gardeners here put them in their air-condition room to induce blooming... so yes, you are so fortunate to have the right climate for them. And re: scented orchids, when they rebloom they will continue to have the scent (checked with my sis-in-law!).

Have a great weekend!

Hà Xuân said...

Thank you, Stephanie. We did have a wonderful time during LNY. How about you? Do you celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia?
Also, thanks for confirmation of scented orchids. Last time I mentioned not having the scent from one of my miltonias but I was wrong - soon after that I noticed the smell from the plant :-). Very sweet!

J.C. said...

Dear Ha Xuan, I would love to have more flowers than visitors in my garden! Ha ha...pretty blooms you had there! What a festime looking room they made!