Friday, February 26, 2010

From my morning coffee patio

We always like to have our morning coffee at the patio outside our kitchen. The weather in Dalat can sometimes be cold, especially in early morning, but it doesn't stop us from sitting at these chairs, sipping the hot coffee every morning when we are up here.

From here, we can see the pine trees on the hills beyond our place.

On dewy mornings, the whole area seems surreal.

We just love it!


Stephanie said...

Breathtaking! I can just sit there for a long time. oh, I must tell you that my glox rebloomed during the CNY celebration. Thanks to you for your advice on how to care for the plant!

My CNY celebration was good but the weather was so so hot here. I cannot imagine how my plants tolerated the heat. I just gave them lots of water to 'drink'. But the glox suffered and collapsed quickly.

Btw, glad to hear that your scented orchid is really giving a nice scent :-)

Hà Xuân said...

Steph... would you like to visit me in Dalat? You're invited. It's very cool here.

I have cut down my two glox's but my neighbor has watered them too much that it seems one is dying :-(.

Stephanie said...

Opps ha ha... I hope it will grow back.

Maybe one day :-D I have not been to Vietnam before but I have heard about Dalat. I know it's a cool place to visit!

J.C. said...

Wow, that view is spectacular. Lucky of you to have that from your patio. It would certainly put my mind into a peaceful mode. Times have been rather rough on me lately, I would love to have those scene beyond me to help me find some peace.

MD Raimi said...