Monday, March 1, 2010

New amaryllis cross (2)

The second seedling from Ann's batch of seeds has opened its blooms for me this week. It certainly doesn't have the same color as its sister, thus I believe they come from different parents.

There is a third one about to bloom, too. I really hope this one will look different from the first two. That will be great if it is!

I have also purchased a new hippy with interesting pattern and color.

This is a group shot this morning.


Stephanie said...

Well, mine is still not blooming since I bought it in June. Hmm... how nice if mine will bloom like yours. Nonetheless, your new cross are of course unique in colour and pattern on the petals. All so attractive!

Hà Xuân said...

Steph: would you like to "force" your plant to bloom? I can help with that.

James Missier said...

I had just drop by from Stephanie's blog when she mentioned you in helping her getting the Gloxinia bloom.

You really got a beautiful garden plants and all, really amazing to see them.

I guess your country is so good in the weather that most flowers & plants are blooming.

Stephanie said...

Ha Xuan thanks for yet another offer!!! I would love to know how you actually did that :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Ok, I will make an entry on my blog so you can copy and share the procedures.

Thanks for your compliments. I'm glad you have taken time to visit my blog and left your comments.

Stephanie said...

I have already read your procedure :-D THANKS! I knew you were going to respond quickly LOL.