Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nepenthes ventrata

About three months ago I bought this nepenthes. At that time there were a few pitchers on the plant but all were dry and dying.

I read from the net that these plants need a lot of humidity and light, so I made sure it would get what it needed to grow well. I repotted the plant into new soil and placed it on the granite table, under an umbrella, in our backyard.

Now, there are twenty-four pitchers of varying stages on the plant, not to mention that it has produced two basal shoots with pitchers, too.

All so cute!

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trouille3 said...

your looks awsome and thats what i need to do is repot mine but need to know what 2 repot it withcan you please help me with that. If u dont mind just tell what all i got 2 have. thanks so much and keep up the good work...