Monday, September 14, 2009

My garden this week

I returned to Tuysonvien this morning, after being back down to our main residence for ten days. My flowers have certainly know how to take care of themselves while I was away.
Back in June, I worked some sand into the flower beds and added some organic fertilizer. As a result, the dwarf marigold that I planted there grew much taller than they would normally do.

These daylilies are looking good, too, after a dose of fertilizer late July.

You see, I only have very common plants in my garden because I am not here 24/7 to take care of them. I either rely on my neighbor to water them for me or leave them to nature.

Nevertheless, I'm so happy with these plants because not only they are easy, they self-seed abundantly so I'm never without seedlings for planting. Year round, I have cosmos, marigold, daylily, impatiens, coleus... to provide color for my garden.


NellJean said...

Common plants become uncommon when they're in a rich bed and grow lush and in great numbers.

Abundant plants growing happily look so much prettier than sparse exotics that limp along.

The poinsettias know that cooler weather is coming.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely garden! Looks like the fertiliser is really working. I wish I could grow flowering plants like yours here. Oh regarding my glox, it is still blooming but really, it is hard for the plant to thrive here. And yes, I learnt smaller pots is better for AV and its family like glox... gardening is like an adventure... discovering new things each day. Happy gardening!

Hà Xuân said...

Thank you for visiting, Nell and Stephanie.

lynn'sgarden said...

Nothing prettier than 'common' flowers planted enmasse, Hà Xuân. Your travels must get tiring at times? I envy you have neat they are showing color now!

Kris said...

Your beds are filled to brimming with lush colors and healthy plants. It must lift your spirits to see such garden goodness waiting for you when you arrive. :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Lynn, I travel back and forth by bus, no driving for me. All I do onboard is ... sleeping my way through :-o)
Oh, you should see this poinsettia... its trunk is as big as my leg! We chopped off the top a few years ago and it stopped growing new shoots, somehow. These are the first few shoots that actually growing for this year.
Kris, you're absolutely right, I always feel high when I come back to TSV thanks to all the greeneries around me.
Thanks for visiting.