Friday, December 24, 2010

A very special sun-flower

I got three seeds of this sun-flower from Stephanie, a gardening friend overseas. I sowed them and two germinated. This happened a few months ago. Now both plants are showing flower heads.

Instead of the usual yellow blooms, these plants has dark chocolate blooms. Isn't that very special?
I'm thrilled at seeing these heads. I hope at least one of the heads will open while I'm here and that I will have viable seeds for next time.
Many thanks to Stephanie for these.

Update December 26th, one of the heads has opened. The flower has dark chocolate color. I'm so impressed!

Update 28th December: the bloom is fully open.


Stephanie said...

Oh wow yours look even darker :-D Glad you were thrilled by these blooms. I was as well! I have never seen a choc sunflower in real before.

Oh, I hope you will be able to harvest seeds and viable ones from them. I think I only harvested seeds from one flower head... and I didn't receive any good news from my sis-in-laws that the seeds germinated yet.

Happy New Year and multiplying this impressive sunflower ;-D

Linh said...

wow, very exciting flower! I think my daughter's grandmother would love this one. She was so happy when she found black violas.