Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Royal Colors amaryllis

I ordered 4 amaryllis bulbs from Royal Colors of the Netherland. They finally arrived last Monday after circulating nearly half the globe!

These bulbs have probably been pre-chilled to be bloomed around Christmas time. First thing I did with them was to clean them off brown, papery skin to avoid possible rot.

Then I soak their roots in water for a day before planting to help them recover more quickly.

Finally, I planted them in a good mix yesterday afternoon.

This morning, I was greeted with this.

Wow, it's quick, really!

Update: I found one more scape emerging from another bulb - the Evergreen, this morning Dec 2nd. It's very exciting watching these.


Stephanie said...

Finally! All your precious and wonderful bulbs arrived safe and sound. You must be so so glad.

The flower scape coming out from the bulb so fast... it's really amazing! I am so happy for you. They will be all so ready for Christmas!

Oh that little one there. Buy 3 free 1 or what?... hey just joking ok ;-D

Btw, my two other bulbs are still growing leaves. No sigh of flower scape.

LC said...

I have many amaryllis to start here soon... I've never removed the papery outside skins... I'll give that a try as it makes very good sense! Larry

Kris said...

How exciting! We'll all be watching for your colorful Christmas blooms!

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks everyone.

Larry: I learn the techniques of removing the "papery skin" and "root soaking" from the Amaryllis forum on Gardenweb.
But I guess those are necessary if the bulbs have been exposed for long period of time. If your bulbs have always been in the ground then I don't think you need to do that.