Friday, December 31, 2010

A kind of "Cherry tree" in my garden

This "cherry tree" voluntarily planted itself in my garden a few years ago. Last season it started blooming for the first time and this season it continues to do so.

Formerly, this tree grew wild in the forests around Dalat. Thanks to its flowering during the new year, local people have started to hunt for smaller trees to plant in their gardens. Mine, perhaps, was grown from a seed blowing in the wind!
The blossom has 5 petals and is light pink. It comes in clusters and last for a few days. When the tree is old enough, it can be covered with multitude of blooms, which makes the tree looks quite spectacular.

I don't know whether it is any way related to the cherry tree of Japan. I hope some kind visitors to my blog give me more information on this tree.

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