Saturday, March 6, 2010

My blooming hoyas

This week I have several hoyas in bloom. Two of them bloom for the first time after more less a year growing from cutting. Although, they are clones of existing ones, still I'm thrilled.
The maiden blooms are on Hoya purpureo-fusca. I especially like this one because the blooms look so crisp as if they were crystal.

and Hoya pottsii Vietnam. This plant is having 4 mature umbels, which is a lot for such a young plant though.

Others blooming are:
Hoya Krimson queen

Hoya DS-70

Hoya Obscura

and Hoya Carnosa

Love them all!


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! I can see that growing Hoya is your other passion. The blooms are superb. Another great job Ha Xuan!

Btw, you are right about the first one. Usually they look very porcelain but that one is different.

Hope your weekend has been a good one. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the fragrance of these flowers!

Hà Xuân said...

Hehehe... you like my hoyas, Steph? Do you grow them?
I just got into growing hoyas for a mere two years. I think they are very special the way the blooms look.

Stephanie said...

Yes! I have three types of hoya. One type is Hoya kerrii and the other two I am not sure of their IDs. All are still at growing stage, growing slowly...