Monday, November 30, 2009

Dalat poinsettias

When I was in the US two years ago, I didn't see any poinsettia "trees". What I saw was small poinsettia "plants", potted up for holiday decorations.
In Dalat, poinsettias are grown in the garden, more often at the property fence. This is what I saw the other day.

And here's my poinsettia tree, in Tuysonvien.

Christmas is coming near, isn't it?


Stephanie said...

Poinsettia is always so attractive and beautiful to look at. Your shrub is so nice. I wish the nursery here will bring in a variety that's suitable for our climate. Those that they are selling now does not last long here. They were being grown in the highlands and will die off after a while in our climate in the lowland. Happy Tuesday!

the head rat said...

In some parts of the South, there are poinsettia trees.
However, there are no peony trees, the closest proximity being a magnolia.

lynn'sgarden said...

OH MY HEAVENS! I've never seen such a healthy specimen! I love that they are perennials there in the tropics. Yours is lovely, too. The stalks remind me of my plumeria plant. Cute bird bath ;)Thanks for sharing these, Ha Xuan!

Alvin said...

I would give anything to have those Poinsettias growing so beautifully like that in my garden, Ha Xuan! Thanks, thanks for sharing! :D

Kiki said...

Wow...beautiful!! Lovely photos! Pretty spectacular!