Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates on the Chinese narcissus blooms

It's often said that Chinese narcissus blooms would last for around 5-10 days. But my bowl of blooms is still going strong now after 15 days of blooming.

I've been feeding the bulbs/plants with a water-soluble plant food which I use on my hoyas and some "precious" plants. I guess it has done the trick.

This morning I had to change them to a deeper container as many of the blooming stems are too tall and might drop.

I hope they can withhold until tomorrow or the next day, when we leave here for our home in Saigon.


Stephanie said...

Oh gosh your narcissus breaks my heart. Mine is not flowering anymore! Yours are awesome :-D Btw, your deeper container matches well with the tall stems.

Hà Xuân said...

Steph: I'm afraid when the weather warms up, narcissus won't bloom.
Next time, I will use this blue container for narcissus. I'm glad you like it.