Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amaryllis blooms

I grow these plants from seeds given by friends on the Garden Web. They are more than 3 years old and had bloomed since last season. Unfortunately, except for 3 of them in pots, most had their scapes eaten by snails and slugs in the garden so I couldn't see their bloom.

This season, after seeing them losing all their leaves, I digged them up and potted them in containers to safe-guard them. Now two of them are blooming beautifully.

These were crosses made by Elizabeth and Cindee. When I moved them back to VN, I lost all their tags so now I don't know which is which.
Luckily, Elizabeth hinted of Charisma for the first plant and Cindee hinted Pink diamond for the second plant. Though not a complete parentage, I now know something about these beautiful bloom. I'll name them in Vietnamese basing on these hints.
I still have some more bulbs that will bloom soon. It's now Amaryllis season here.


Stephanie said...

It's reward time! Gorgeous blooms!! It's always refreshing for me to see Amaryllis in colours other than red.

Btw, your patience and passion in growing Amaryllis amazes me. 3 years is a pretty long time!

Hà Xuân said...

It's long, yes, but I do have other blooms to enjoy along the way... so not a big problem, Steph.