Thursday, July 22, 2010

White Serissa foetida

I bought a white Serissa foetida from Dalat, intending to make it into a "bonsai" for DH.

But he's a type of person that would never want to trim nor prune a tree so for a whole year we let the little plant grow wild.

A few days ago, I decided to go ahead with my intention so armed with a pruner, I cut off many branches and runners from the main "tree" to tidy it. This is my "creation of a bonsai".

I guess I'll have to watch closely to remove suckers and unwanted branches so that the little tree can become a bonsai as I wanted it.


James Missier said...

nice little cute white bordered leaves. Do they have flowers?

Stephanie said...

I have been tempted to get this lovely bush. Love the leaves and the little white flowers. But always reminded about my variegated madras thorn that has similar look and still in the midst of creating a pom-pom topiary. But there will be no flower for mine, just have pinkish leaves. Good luck with pruning yeah. I started pruning only after the growth went messy also ha ha...

Hà Xuân said...

James: this plant actually has two different cultivars (?) owing to the color of its blooms: one has pinkish blooms and the other has white blooms.

Stephanie: I've found Serissa foetida takes root easily from cuttings.

James Missier said...

hi Ha Xuan,
I manage to force my bulbs and got them blooming.
Please do check my blog and have a look:

Thank you so so much for your help and information as I was trying and trying and failed many times until I saw your detailed information you gave.

Really appreciate it very much.

Hà Xuân said...

You're very welcome, James. I'm so glad the method works for you.
Congratulations on the beautiful blooms.

Autumn Belle said...

I have found your blog through James Missier of Garden Chronicles. You have a wonderful blog. I hope you don't mind me visiting and commenting here. I notice that your profile is closed, therefore we cannot access directly by clicking on your icon/avatar. Keep up the good work and Cheers!