Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nice surprise

I'm so thrilled to learn that my newest hoya blooms turned out to be a different kind of Pubicalyx.
I've already have a pubicalyx with dark colored blooms and oval leaf. It's Publicalyx Red button.

But the new one has lighter color blooms and an oblong leaf. It's Pubicalyx Pink silver.

It's a nice surprise, really!


Stephanie said...

Hello Ha Xuan, oh that's beautiful. I think mine has the same leave - oblong and speckled. The plant has not bloom for me yet! I heard from a blogger, sheep dropping is good. But still nothing happens yet. I guess I just have to wait. Actually my plant was really small when I got it. But it has now grown leaves and crowded my pot already.

Btw, the bloom has strong scent?

James Missier said...

love hoya..
but not sure whether I want to venture into it - do they bloom often or you have to wait very long like waiting for orchids?