Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New bloom & Old blooms

The new bloom is from the pink Morning glory vine which I just planted about 10 days ago. Actually the vine was rescued from a roadside. When I got it, it already had some buds but looked very dehydrated. So I replanted it and gave it some TLC. After about 10 days and this is the first bloom. It's cute.

The old bloom is from the purple Morning glory vine I planted last year. Though someone from GW identified it as "Grandpa Tot", I'm not so sure of the ID because the leaves on my vine don't look similar. Perhaps, it's a clone.

Other old blooms are the Fuchsias.

I really love these blooms which look like a ballerina and want to plant some in my Saigon garden but Fuchsias don't like the heat!


Stephanie said...

Ha Xuan, hello! How are you doing? Nope, I have not force my amaryllis yet. The older leaves kept turning yellow. None has at least six healthy leaves yet. Thanks for remembering!

Btw, I did go and get that hoya kerrii. The leaves looked so much better now after some TLC :-D

I love the pink morning glory you rescued! Beautiful! I always love fushcia. The blooms are captivating ;-) I saw some really mini fuchsias selling here during Chinese New Year but I doubt they will do well in the heat as well.

James Missier said...

Love the Fushcias.
Still wondering if they can do well in shady areas.