Monday, June 14, 2010

Big question about water lilies

Some time back, I had an entry about the white water-lilies in my pond. I thought that the pH level in the pond had changed the color of the water lilies from other colors to white.

But I was so mistaken as I later found there were some purple blooms in the pond too.

And just today I found another water lily with a yellow-cream bloom!

Now that the purple and yellow water lilies have shown up, I wonder where have those white water lilies come from? I know for sure I threw in some purple and yellow lilies but not white. Big question.


Stephanie said...

Gardening is full of surprises. The other day I saw white torenias growing from the pot of my usual purple. I asked the same question! Where did the white come from? Ha ha... the flora of the world is full of mystery to discover. Pretty water lilies btw :-D

lynn'sgarden said...

However they came to be...they are amazingly beautiful, Ha Xuan!! I just completed my backyard pond and have included 2 water lilies and a lotus...will be in suspense mode until they bloom for color i.d.