Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cross-pollination of Daylily Hyperon & Hippeastrum

I was asked by a young gardener if it would be possible to cross pollinate a daylily and a hippeastrum. Wow, what a brillian idea! So, I immediately carried out the task last Saturday April 10.
The stigma on a daylily doesn't look like it is ready for pollination, not as I have normally found on a hippi. But knowing that a daylily bloom only lasts for a day, I know at a certain time of the day the stigma must be ready.

So I just went ahead with my job and only 4 days later, there was already a seed pod on the daylily that I had pollinated. Wow, really fast in deed!

The hippeastrum stayed the same. Perhaps it is waiting for the bloom to wilt before seed pod can be formed.

It is very thrilling for, if I succeed in either case, I will have a new cultivar of either daylily or hippeastrum. But that won't be until at least 2 years from now!
Well, must be patient then!

UPDATE: I was told by friend on GW that it won't work! Sigh!

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Stephanie said...

Patient! Ha ha... I am sure you will be rewarded soon. The yellow daylily is really attractive. And I am also amazed that the seed was produced in 4 days only. Good luck with the seed.