Friday, May 27, 2011

A night party

My night blooming cereus never fails to appear on time when the rains start to come. And this season is no exception as two days ago, it opened its blossoms. Just in time for me to enjoy before I came back down to my city home.
Here're some photos to show off. Wish I could share also the fragrance, too. Really liked it when my small living was filled with the scent.

At 4.30 pm

At 6.30pm, the bloom opened a little

At 7.00 pm, the scent started to fill the air

At late at 10pm, the blooms still looked good

A pure, milky white

There was something unusual about this plant as, unlike the common "drooping" sight the morning-after, this was what I saw then - the two "faded" blooms looked like they would re-open the next evening.

Didn't look at all spent!

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be around then to confirm the fact.
Do you know of any species having this particular blooming/fading habit?


Solitude Rising said...


Very beautiful flower. We don't have cereus in our garden so this is the closest thing I've been to seeing the flower of this plant. Thanks for sharing it.

I just discovered your blog while looking for Southeast-Asian blogs in Blotanical. You have a very interesting blog. I will surely come and visit it often.

Bom said...

We call that Queen of the Night, locally. My plant blossoms early dawn so I really make extra effort to get up early so that I can appreciate the fragrance. I've never had an experience like yours. Mine are usually drooping by mid morning.

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks for visiting,Solitute and Bom.
It's interesting to know that your plant blooms early in the morning, Bom.