Saturday, March 26, 2011

Travelling up North - continued

I took many photos while we were in Sapa, a famous tourist destination in the north of Vietnam.
Here're what I have captured that you might find amusing.
BBQ Sapa style, incluidng: eggs, sweet potatoes, various kind of meat etc. You can find local people making and selling them along the street, especially in the back-packer's quarter of the town.

Local souvenirs, made and sold by local minority people, the H'mong.

For English speaking tourists, there're H'mong tourist guides, who can speak English perfectly.

And a mountain pig.

If you are interested in this place, please check out here for information and here for more photos.


Stephanie said...

Those sweet potatoes look yummy! :-D And that mountain pig, no owner? looks like heavily pregnant ;-)

Kris said...

Goodness, did the pig let you get that close? Perhaps it's not a wild pig? I love roasted veggies and bet the smells of cooking were wonderful along the road.

Hà Xuân said...

The pig was owned by the local H'mong people, I guess. But as is their tradition, they don't cage them.
You're right, Kris, the smells made you feel hungry!

Bom said...

Roasted sweet potatoes. Yum! I should check out Sapa. I hope it isn't too difficult to go to.

Anonymous said...


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