Saturday, May 8, 2010

They don't mind the heat

We are experiencing record heat waves in HCMC these days but my plants doesn't seem to mind that. I mean they really look good, being protected from the hot sun.
My water lilies are thriving under the sun umbrella, they produce blooms every day. And the group of perennials are flourishing likewise.

The hoya Meliflua, which I have re-located recently, is climbing like made to reach the open sky above the Rangoon creeper arbor and producing 4 peduncles as it climbs.

To add to the hoya season, the Multiflora is still showing off its shooting stars profusely.

My house plant philodendron also shows signs of growth since being outside to get some fresh (or hot?) air. The new leaves are bigger and taller. And, as a bonus, is producing an offshoot too!

While we humans are sweating to death in the heat, the plants seem not to mind it at all!

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Stephanie said...

Well, plants are smarter than us in some ways ha ha... Sorry about the heat.

Sometimes (if I have the time), I place buckets of water here and there to make sure the air is hydrated during really hot days. But your pond will do the same trick. So, let's get more aquatic plants into our garden :-D